rotten fruit sprites

I've grown quite fond of Furt (the orange), Gus (the banana), and the others (zombigranites, molddoggs, Stinky) whilst working on the Rotten Fruit Sprites piece for Chaos 2. Fond enough that I think I'd like to do more with them - but what more remains to be seen! The story for Chaos 2 is finished now, it's 9 pages and an end page, and is 'to be continued...'. Now I have a couple months to stare at it and make little changes before the big print date. Below are a couple character studies done during the design stage that I've also made into buttons. Afterwards I found out there was a book character awhile back called the Stinky Cheese Man that my Stinky character resembles but I don't know if mine should be changed now... they're kinda similar but it seems pretty generic to put a round cheese on a body so maybe it's not so bad.


a bit late, but...

CHAOS!! a small graphic novel anthology put together by a group of friends from Sheridan college in the 2008 graduating year. it was a really fun and exciting project and being published (well, self-published, but still published) is a great feeling. having a hard copy of your work in print is just amazing. we're already started on the second volume. our contributer list has doubled and it looks like it'll be another exciting ride. we'll be at FanExpo in August selling CHAOSv1 and hopefully v2 as well.

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sheridan illustration grad show (part 2)

the grad show was a huge success! it was a lot of fun and packed the opening night. unfortunately i didn't talk to any of the industry guests and mostly hung out with friends and family but i did get to chat with a lot of people i don't get to see very often, so that was nice.

on to the photos! [click the photo for a link to a big photo collage]




the site is now up and operational!
check it out: www.lotus-ink.com


get with the arting!

I've been working on preliminary roughs for my Chaos the second contribution, dragging up 3 year old characters of mine and getting a little inspiration by looking at Scott Campbell's work.

Furt & Gus: Rotten Fruit Sprites!

Also, throwing it out there (briefly for now, more details later) for friends and peers, Jill and I do have a button machine and can take care of small scale (500 or less per order?) button production needs, for self-promotion, selling, next year's grad show, or whatever other purpose you might find for buttons!

Z out