illustrative 2008

Hey all, just wanted to share the website of an Illustration festival being held it Zurich I believe and now taking submissions. Could be a good chance for some international exposure. The website is http://www.illustrative.de so have a looksee.

In other news, big thanks to my GRANDMA for help getting some work framed for my first go at a juried show coming in the Fall in Pickering. I also picked up a watercolour book while I was there, and I NEVER buy art books so you know it must be good! It's called 'The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook Landscapes' by Gordon MacKenzie, and aside from being a really nice book design, it has a lot of tips and tricks (watercolour is all about tricks!) that are applicable to more than just landscapes. I've also been reading another book about fairy art and it's origins and it's surprising, at least to me, to find that Shakespeare was possibly the greatest contributor to the movement towards an interest in fairies, for adults and children alike. Without the popularitiy of plays like A Midsummer Night's Dream, fairy (and I use the word very broadly) art may never have gained enough interest to develop the richness it has today.

As for my personal art, I have neither drawn nor painted in a good month, and it's damn near time I remedied that!


Hyein Lee said...

I signed up for it, but never heard back from them... so I wonder if they took my money and ran!

Zach said...

I hope not :x