organizing organ eyes

small update. logotype for my sister's band that i've been designing.

they're rather picky clients but we came up with something in the end that we were all happy with. something classy yet funky that says indie psychadelic folk. music genres are so confusing these days.


edible info graphics

i didn't get to visit Zach's parents this christmas and therefore was unable to give them their present. i recently got them a fresher one from work to send via UPS and decided it needed a map, like what they have in pot of gold etc so you know what you're eating, cause i won't be there to tell them what flavours are what. i actually wanted to do this for all the chocolates i bought but i ran out of time.

i think the end result was pretty cute. just something quick and useful. it kinda made me think of something Jho would do.



ESL certificate, check. Readmission, check. New art, check. I'd call that progress. Good luck to y'all (and ME) in 2009!

Old sketches. New comp. New colour. Gobbos on cheese.

Free time at Grandmas. Too much masking fluid. Overworked. Hidden profile.

Cool frame. 4"x4" eyeball series for cool frame.

Fingers crossed for UTM entomology co-op position. End.


presents + paintings

long time no post! i once again attempted to create art as presents for my loved ones this christmas. i don't think i was quite ambitious as Vicki but i completed what i had planned to make. 3 traditional acrylic pieces all on a fun super thick cardboard.

first is for my sister. she asked me at first if she could commission a piece from me for her band. the lines were already done by her, she just wanted me to colour it. i told her we'd figure something out and she could pay me later. i then gave it to her as a christmas present, oh how tricky of me.

after this, i have discovered that ballpoint pen is much more forgiving on acrylic than any other pen. i take this to mean they are friends and will continue to use them together in my traditional escapades.

these other 2 pieces are for my mum and her fiancee. portraits of their dogs, Nugget and Shuba. i don't really have a lot of experience drawing, let alone painting, dogs, so i was pretty happy with how these ones turned out.